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The AWS environment and various third party ETL tools (such as Talend, AWS Glue, Matillion, etLeap etc), provide exceptional performance and scalability for loading data into Redshift. The key to a successful Redshift Data Warehouse implementation is to choose the right data loading and exporting strategy based around the myriad of toolsets available. Our Redshift consultants maintain extensive experience in building scalable data integration solutions in Redshift that include:

  • Preparation of data in S3 and loading of data from S3 into Redshift utilizing Redshift COPY function
  • Implementation of AWS Data Pipeline web services to move data between S3 and load into Redshift
  • Talend Open Studio for Big Data Solutions to build complex Data integrations processes with Redshift
  • Utilize Amazon EMR and other Hadoop distributions to leverage Sqoop utilities to load data into S3 as preparation for Redshift
  • Hadoop based preprocessing of data for validation / manipulation / cleansing
  • Migration of existing data from RDBMS to Redshift
  • Implementation of incremental updates to the data model in Redshift to improve data load times
  • Normalization of Data into Redshift during load process
  • Detailed migration plan blue print
  • Utilize JSON schema to define table and column mapping from S3 data to Redshift
  • Development of PGBouncer connection pooling data between PostGresSQL and RedShift.
  • Development of ETL pipelines to process data using AWS Kinesis Firehose for streaming and Redshift for storage
  • Work closely with key stakeholders at client to ensure smooth migration strategy
  • Load traditional RDBMS data into Redshift from the following sources: Firebird DB2 LUW DB2 AS/400 DB2 iSeries DB2 OS/390 DB2 z/OS Informix InterBase Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Progress Sybase ASA Sybase ASE Sybase IQ Teradata

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RougeWarehouse is a MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) consulting firm focused on architecture and development of scalable data warehouse solutions built on top of Amazon Redshift. Our senior redshift consultants, maintain extensive Redshift architecture knowledge and have built many highly scalable data warehouse solutions, processing terabytes of data per day.

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