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Although Redshift often requires less maintenance and administrative overhead than traditional Data Warehouse solutions, there are still database administration requirements to ensure stability and performance in your Redshift environment. Our expert Redshift DBA services can provide out of the box best practices implementation and management of your Redshift environment. These Redshift DBA services include:

  • Definition and configuration of Redshift Security Model using User groups
  • Launch Redshift Clusters and specify node types
  • Utilization of periodic VACUUM & ANALYZE after large scale updates / inserts
  • Implementation of WLM (Work Load Management) rules to manage concurrency.
  • Complex Redshift Server Configuration Settings

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RougeWarehouse is a MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) consulting firm focused on architecture and development of scalable data warehouse solutions built on top of Amazon Redshift. Our senior redshift consultants, maintain extensive Redshift architecture knowledge and have built many highly scalable data warehouse solutions, processing terabytes of data per day.

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