Data Modeling and Architecture

Complex Redshift Database Design

To achieve the exceptional performance and cost advantages provided by Amazon Redshift, it all starts with a solid Redshift Data Model, designed around AWS Redshift Best Practices. Our Data Modeling and Architectural solutions include:

  • Design and development of scalable petabyte DW solutions in AWS Redshift
  • Multiple On-Demand Redshift Spectrum clusters to improve concurrency
  • Investigation of data skew and best practices based upon skew
  • Advanced Architectural Data Models based on MPP design principles
  • Implementation of Sorting Strategies based on Best Practices (Compound, Interleaved Sort Keys)
  • Use of VACUUM processes for Reindexing of Sort Keys
  • Selection of column compression encodings (raw, delta, lzo, byte-dictionary, mostly, run-length etc)
  • Data Distribution Design and Selection of distribution keys (Even, Key, All)
  • Constraint Definition and Configuration
  • Logical and Physical Data Modeling

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